The Pantry

Let’s face it, there are just some flavours that vegos don’t really come across, it comes with the territory. But we’ll be damned if we go without!

So with just a little bit of ingenuity, a never-ending supply of tenacity and a whole stack of trial and error, we have come across ways of simulating particular flavours we sometimes miss.

Delve into the slightly unusual Vegan Pantry, the place where you will find information on those weird and wonderful spices, extracts, regents, ingredients and additives that allow us to get the unique flavours we are after.

Tofu or Not Tofu


That is a question… that I have answered… in this post… thingy… Delve into the pantry yet again, have a read and find out just what tofu is all about. More

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The basis for many a meals, stocks are a very versatile thing. Sometimes they form the backbone of a soup or stew, other times they take a supporting role for the main star and just enhance the end result. More

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